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Circadian Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of products to treat diseases related to circadian rhythm disruption, and technologies for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.
Through the development of a balanced portfolio, Circadian Therapeutics seeks to mitigate risk and control costs developing new treatment options for patients and building value for stakeholders.
Circadian Therapeutics Drug Development Principles
Academic Founder Professor Russell Foster explains the Drug Development Principles
Circadian Therapeutics Portfolio
Managing Director Nigel Jones explains the Circadian Therapeutics portfolio.
Orphan indication Non-24 Sleep-Wake Disorder
Initial product development repurposing an existing molecule. Rapid clinical Proof of Concept and regulatory approval.
Jet-lag and Sleep Phase Disorders
Currently undisclosed.
Metabolic disorders linked to CR Modulation
Currently undisclosed.
What is Circaid EEG® and why was it developed?
Professor Maarten De Vos explains the importance of Circaid EEG®.
EEG Measurement and Diagnostic Interpretation

Therapeutics that treat the causes, not just the symptoms


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